Upton Bass For Sale $4000 (Brooklyn, NY)

I have too many basses, something has to go! Up for sale is my Upton hybrid deluxe bass from 2012. It's a great instrument but I don't have room for 3 basses in my NYC apartment.

Here's a video:

This is a flatback with the deluxe top upgrade. Other upgrades I got at the time of making were the antiqued tuners, and violin corners. Has extended fingerboard on the G side -- you can hit an E with this baby!

I recently (Spring 2016) had an awesome new bridge and a new soundpost cut for the bass, and it's sounding and playing better than ever. The work was done in NYC by top luthier Bruno Destrez.

The instrument has a few bruises and dings, including some edge damage in a couple spots (I tried to take pictures of this but it's hard to see), but is structurally very healthy and well-maintained. No cracks on this instrument after 4 east coast winters!

The neck is one of the most comfortable necks I've ever played, and plays very easy. The sound of the instrument is warm and woody. Plays evenly across the board, and sounds full and deep up the neck.

String length: 41 1/4" (105 cm)
Upper bout: 20 1/4"
Lower bout: 25 1/4"
Rib depth: 8"

Fits well in a standard Mooradian 3/4 case.

Currently strung with a new-ish set of Spiro Weichs. If you wanna try some different strings on it bring them with you and we can change em.

Asking $4000. Price includes Fishman Full Circle pickup that is currently installed. If you don't want that I could drop the price by $100. No case included.

Email me if you wanna come play it, or if you have any questions or need any additional pictures.